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Wide Backing Galore...

There are lots of reasons to use wide backing for your quilts. Here are some great ones:

  • No piecing on the back! One big beautiful continuous piece of fabric for a professional finish.

  • Saves time! Once you finish piecing that beautiful quilt top, who wants to keep working to piece the back? Not me!

  • Saves money! One yard of 108" Quilt backing fabric is roughly equivalent to 2.5 yards of 44" fabric. But it's NEVER 2.5 times the price! Our wide backing prices range from $12.99/yard up to $19.99/yard. Those are great prices for 108" wide!

  • Our wide backings are all beautiful, high-quality quilting fabric!

  • Cut long borders in one piece with no seams! Consider matching your outer border to your backing for a professional finish.

  • Pro tip: be sure your wide backing is at least 8-10" wider and longer than your pieced quilt top when you give it to your long-arm quilter.

  • Pro-pro tip: After your quilt is quilted, use the backing trimmings to make your binding!

  • At Marmie Quilting, we stock over 100 beautiful high-quality WIDE BACKINGS, with new ones coming regularly. We have many colors, patterns, and solids to choose from. We have your quilt backing covered!

Come see us!


Sallie aka "Marmie"

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