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Marmie Quilting

Custom T-Shirt Memory Quilt (Made-to-Order) DEPOSIT ONLY

Absolutely the best t-shirt quilt anywhere. Our processes are professional and beautiful with great attention to detail and stellar customer service. You provide the t-shirts and any design ideas you have in mind. We handle the rest. 
First, we make an overall design plan. Next, we carefully cut out the images from the t-shirts and stabilize the t-shirts with French fusible backing to keep the t-shirt material soft and flexible, but stable for sewing. The t-shirt quilt top may have uniform block sizes, with or without sashing (sashing is the strips of fabric sewn in between the blocks) or the quilt top may be a variety of block sizes based on the unique t-shirt art. If there are a variety of block sizes, then we puzzle them together using quilt design CAD software and make a computerized mockup and sewing plan. After the quote is approved, it's time to start sewing the quilt top together. We use a uniform 1/4" seam allowance, cotton thread, and high quality 100% cotton fabric for any added design elements. 

The quilt top may include any number of borders of varying widths, depending on the initial design and size requirements. Once the quilt top is complete, it's time to head to the long-arm quilting machine. We use 100% cotton 108" wide quilt backing fabrics for a seamless finish on the back of the quilt. We stock over 100 different wide backing fabrics, and if one of those doesn't work for the particular quilt, we will find one that does. 

You have a choice of the types of batting you would like to use. We stock all premium batting on large rolls, in a variety of lofts, fiber content (cotton, cotton/poly, polyester), in natural, white or black. Batting choices depend on the use of the quilt and the desires of the recipient. 

Quilting is done in an overall edge-to-edge design that you select from our vast array of quilting designs, or your quilt can be custom-quilted. Once it is quilted, we trim it to size, and machine bind it in your choice of fabric. 

The overall lead time for a custom t-shirt quilt varies, depending on other projects in house and the time of the year. We try to give a good estimate at the time of the order, and stick to that timeline as much as possible. We require a deposit on all custom quilt orders, with the balance, PLUS ANY SHIPPING, to be paid at or prior to the time of shipping.